Fjellbovegen 9, Berger


1 000-12 571 kvm
Industri, Kontor, Lager

Om lokalen

OmgivningThe property includes a lower clearance cross-docking part, and a high clearance warehouse part towards the back of the building. The building is a combined generic distribution center and cross-docking facility of good quality. The cross-docking part was extended by approx. 3 400 sqm in 2015. The building has free clearance of 6.5-11.5 meters and 18 loading docks. All office space is of high quality. The site offers a flexible micro-location and setup, with a deep truck court and good maneuver space.

The property is located with easy access to E6 going from Oslo and the Alnabru terminal to Gardermoen Airport and to the remaining northern inland of Norway.

The property includes potential extension possibilities of approx. 3 000 sqm.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information about this opportunity!

LokaltypIndustri, Kontor, Lager



Fjellbovegen 9, Berger


1 000- 12 571 m2


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